Tetrax 72011 FIX Smartphone/Cellphone/Remote Control Dashboard Mount Magnetic Holder with Metal Clips, Grey

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Tetrax easily attaches to the air vent, it does not obstruct your range of view when driving and it's within your fingertips. Some states are forbidding from mounting any objects, as suction pads for GPS, on the windshield. The complete difference for Tetrax from suction pads may also help to avoid burglary, which can easily recognize the typical signs of the suction pad, suggesting the presence of a GPS inside a vehicle. Tetrax FIX Line fixed aluminum ring which can be applied easily anywhere in your car, thanks to the 3M high performance adhesive structure. A weight of just 0.1 ounce, a diameter of 0.6 inch and 6 attractive colors make this model unique, practical and versatile.