Gourmia SS Knife Sharpener with Coarse & Extra Fine Sharpening

Gourmia SS Knife Sharpener with Coarse & Extra Fine Sharpening

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Go from dull to razor-sharp with a pass and a pull!

Repair and restore every blade in your home collection with the Two Stage Knife Sharpener by Gourmia. This complete knife honing system makes sharpening your various kitchen cutlery and sporting blades as easy as can be. The unit features two slots for each stage of the process, letting you coarsely sharpen then cleanly polish any dull or damaged blade. Enjoy the machine's manual convenience as you apply light pressure and complete each stage in roughly 5-7 passes. You don't have to be a professional chef or tactical expert to refurbish any knife to pristine condition!

    Simple Manual Operation

    This easy sharpening gadget need tno power source, and includes built-in angle guides so every pull is precise. Start in Stage 1 by pulling knife through from handle to tip 5-7 times. Then, repeat in Stage 2 to polish to perfection.

    Heavy Duty Sharpening

    Premium components include tungsten carbide blades for coarsely sharpening knives to their original V cut. Then, the hard ceramic rod grinder files down ragged edges to achieve an extra sharp, like-new finish.

    Sleek, Luxurious Aesthetic

    Bring an attractive addition to your kitchen appliances with this small countertop-friendly device in sleek black and stainless steel. The body's smooth silhouette complements any existing home design scheme.

    Cuts Down Cleaning Time

    The shiny exterior won't rust or stain with repeated use. For simple maintenance, wipe down the blade sharpener with a damp cloth. Follow up by removing excess shavings and debris with a mild brush.

    A New Edge for Every Knife

    Whether you're a professional chef or an avid huntsman, this handy tool travels lightly and serves a variety of purposes. Use it for your pocketknives, ceramic knives, cutlery, or any blade that fits properly in the honing slots.




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