Aspectek Electronic Indoor Bug Insect Killer Zapper

  • $44.99

The Aspectek indoor electronic bug zapper
*Ships with 2 bulbs* Get rid of pesky flying insects such as moths, flies and mosquitoes without using harmful chemicals. A protective safety guard protects you but has no mercy for the bothersome insects.

How Does It Work
Electronic Indoor Insect Killer 20W by Aspectek attracts flies, moths, mosquitoes, stink bugs and other flying insects toward UV (Ultraviolet) lights and instantly kills the bugs upon contact with the high voltage metal grids. Insects are collected in a washable tray, making the Aspectek indoor bug zapper insect killer easy to clean while avoiding a mess.
The device is safe for people and pets with a mesh screen to prevent contact with the electrical grid and a harmless UV tube. As a chemical free alternative, it is safe to use in houses, businesses, food preparation areas, hospitals and other indoor areas.

How to Use
- Use in any indoor environment to get rid of annoying flying insects.
- Hang the Insect Killer by attaching the enclosed chain to the hooks on the top of the unit, or set it on a solid surface.
- Place the removable, washable plastic tray on the bottom of the unit to collect any dead insects as they fall.
- Turn on the device.
- When the tray is dirty, switch the device to off, remove the tray, slide the insects into the trash, wash and dry if necessary and replace
- Power: 20W
- Dimensions: 15x11x3.2 inch
- Coverage area: 6,000 sq. feet (557 sq. meters)

About Aspectek
Aspectek is a North American inventor and original manufacturer of various categories of electronic and pest control products for over 25 years.