Aerolatte Milk Frother (Chrome)

  • $19.99


A zippy little kitchen instrument, the Aerolatte frother is a smart way to make your own frothed milk for cold or hot drinks. Streamlined and reflective, the design is sleek and appealing, while its operation is simple. Just place the frother’s whisk head in a mug of hot or cold milk and turn it on. Frothing takes around 20 to 30 seconds and does not make a lot of noise. Powered by two AA batteries, the frother has a trim size and a self-contained construction that rinses clean between uses. Note that the frother does not generate steam or heat--to create frothed milk for hot drinks you must start with hot milk. Aerolatte also makes a satin-finish version of this product with a slim little counter stand for storage. The unit comes with batteries, and carries a five-year warranty. --Emily Bedard