2-Pack Kosher Clock 3 with Protective Travel Case - Includes Shabbos and Yom Tov, Travel and Everyday Modes, 10 Individual Alarms Allow You to Set The Clock for The Exact Day and Time Needed

  • $47.00

WHAT'S SPECIAL ABOUT KOSHERCLOCK3? Aside from having 10 individual alarms, KosherClock3 has a unique, innovative outer sleeve that can be rotated to give you 3 different modes: Shabbos Mode, Weekday Mode and Travel Mode. During the week, rotate the outer sleeve so you can see the screen and press all the buttons, including the Snooze button. Before Shabbos, orient the outer sleeve so you can only see the screen but cannot press any buttons. There is no problem with muktzah, and the alarm shuts off automatically after one minute! To protect your KosherClock3 for travel, rotate the outer sleeve so the screen and buttons are covered. Weekday Mode: TEN alarms 2 alarm volume settings Snooze button Forward & reverse buttons to set the time quicker Weekday Alarm: make 1 alarm ring Monday - Friday at the same time, leaving 9 more alarms for your busy schedule! Shabbos Mode: No problem with Mukzah Can't press any buttons Alarm shuts off after 1 minute Set multiple alarms to ring 5 minutes apart, to act like a snooze feature instead of hitting snooze each time Travel Mode: Screen and buttons are protected Buttons won't accidentally be pressed to reset alarms Slim and compact for travel Loud enough to hear while traveling even while covered.