jFrog Kosher Kids Tablet

jFrog Kosher Kids Tablet

  • $149.99

Geared for children 3-120 years old

Designed to grow with your child
Fully Kosher for the Jewish child in mind, with no web access
Superior, Bright & Responsive 7” Multi-touch screen
Child profile - Allows you to create up to 3profiles so you can conveniently manage permissions, apps and games your child can access.

Maintain the measure of time your child spends
on the tablet,by total time, hours of the day or by Apps & Category.
Tools to help ease daily activities, such as Hebrew calendar, Alarm clock, 
Flashlight and much more!

Grasp and appreciate: 30 educational games for juniors, 40 Games for teens, 30 Torah Apps, 20
Tools & office apps & much much more!
The jFrog is Endorsed by Rabbonim to be safe for kids and adults alike. Now you can
appreciate telling your child “Yes, you can!”